Streamlined restaurant inventory management software designed to help lower food costs and save administration time.

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Optimum Control is a suite of easy-to-use restaurant inventory management tools for Windows-based desktop devices. Simply enter your inventory and invoices and let our software do the rest. Integrating with your existing POS, accounting platform, and supplier history, our software offers more than 70 reports to choose from, allowing you to pinpoint where in your business there is money to be saved.

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Inventory management, simplified. Recipe costing, inventory tracking, and purchasing allow you to locate and minimize your variances to reduce food costs and administration time.

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Independent Restaurants

Consolidated cloud-based reporting and centralized recipe management allow you to establish consistency and view critical decision making data on an organization-wide scale, or drill down to individual stores.

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Multi-Unit Chains

Built for organizations with multiple revenue and cost centers. Consolidate your inventory management and use tools such as stock transfers from a central purchasing location, and view reporting on all centers, or drill down to individual centers.

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From Supplier to Plate

Track inventory from your supplier's delivery, all the way to the final product on your customer's plate.

Cut Counting Time in Half

Reduce time spent counting inventory using our mobile app for iOS devices - OCMobile.

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Actionable Insights at Your Fingertips

Back up operational decisions with critical information at the right time.

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