Multi-Unit Chains

Gain visibility into your operations from a top-down view with consolidated cloud-based reporting.

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What's In It For You

Chain-Wide Transparency

From the company level, to specific regions, or even individual stores, you'll be able to see drill down and see where your organization's inventory management stands.

Indisputable Consistency

Ensure your customers enjoy a consistent experience at any of your locations knowing that all chefs will be using the same recipes and portion sizes.

Actionable Insights at Your Fingertips

Access critical information that provides a basis for organization-wide changes, from which items have the largest variances across your chain, to identifying which stores are not receiving correct prices from suppliers.

Streamlined Inventory Management

Our purpose-built software solution complements and enhances your existing inventory management processes, ensuring you're not changing for the sake of change.

How We Do It

Inventory Management Fundamentals

Whether you’re looking to cost out your recipes, order more efficiently, or simply keep track of where your inventory is, every Optimum Control solution covers the basics with achieving maximum efficiency and accuracy at the forefront.

Centralized Recipe Management

Ensure your kitchens are all using the same playbook. Create recipes and recipe sets in your cloud-based control center and send them down to your stores. Whether it’s a single store, a set of stores, or all of your stores, you’ll have complete control and oversight.

Consolidated Store-Level Reporting

Look at your entire organization from the top, or drill down to the store level and compare across stores to make critical decisions regarding your operations from your web-based control center.

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