Independent Restaurants

We’ve streamlined inventory management processes to you save time, cut costs, and maximize profits without sacrificing accuracy.

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What's In It For You

Up-to-Date Recipe Costs

Gone are the days of not knowing if your recipe costs are up-to-date. Your recipe costs are automatically updated when a new invoice is received or entered.

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Fix the Leak

Identify sources of lost profits through targeted reporting. Whether it's improper prep, shrinkage, or negligence, you'll be able to patch leaks before they sink you.

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Spend Less, Not More

Manage your inventory with greater accuracy and in less time using streamlined inventory management processes. You need to manage your business, not just your inventory.

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Your Restaurant, Your Way

Our purpose-built software solution complements and enhances your existing inventory management processes, ensuring you're not changing for the sake of change.

How We Do It

Recipe Costing

By streamlining the recipe costing process, you’ll have the ability to create and update recipes and menus in minutes, not hours, determine your optimal selling price, and have your recipe costs automatically updated as purchases are entered.

Custom Storage Areas & Multiple Count Units

Ensure your counts are as accurate as possible. You’ll be able to count how much is in each of your storage areas, and in multiple units of measure. Whether it’s in the cooler, freezer, or ready to be used in recipes on the line, you’ll be able to accurately track your inventory.

Targeted Reporting

Over 70 different reports are at your fingertips, providing invaluable information, and allowing you to know where your operations can be improved and ultimately maximize your profits.

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