OC Enterprise

Purpose-built for multi-unit chains. Gain transparency and consistency across your entire organization through centralized recipe management and cloud-based reporting at both consolidated and store levels in OC Enterprise.

Starting at $180/month + $250 Setup Fee
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Why You'll Love Us


Save time and increase consistency in your kitchens. Recipe costs are automatically updated as purchases are entered, and recipe sets ensure a consistent standard is set across your entire organization.

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Know where each of your locations stands. Cloud-based reporting and centralized recipe management allow you to save time and ensure consistency throughout your organization.

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Accounting & Finance

Save the time spent chasing down invoices by integrating with popular POS and accounting platforms. You'll be able to export your invoices without the need for coding invoices or double entry.

Features You Can't Live Without

Consolidated Cloud-Based Reporting

View reporting for your entire organization, or drill down to specific regions or even individual stores.

Centralized Recipe Management

Manage all of your locations' recipes and send updates down automatically, no more double entry.

Accessible from Anywhere

View your reporting and manage your recipes from anywhere with an internet connection.

How It Works

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