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Consolidate the task of tracking and maintaining multiple inventories through one unified platform.

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What's In It For You

Management and Wait Staff
Organization-Wide Accountability

Know where your organization's inventory stands; whether you want to drill down to individual outlets, or have a top-down overview, the choice is yours.

Chef Prepping Inventory in the Kitchen
Centralized Stock Management

Manage orders, requisitions, and transfers from one location to ensure standards are maintained across your entire organization.

Dishes in the Pass
Increased Transparency

Pinpoint sources of waste and shrinkage through the use of usage summaries, sales mixes, and inventory tracking for each outlet to stop the issue before it spreads.

Place Settings
Simplified Event Planning

Plan and cost out events quickly and accurately using our Catering wizard. Know exactly how your inventory is affected by these events, and where you can make changes for the future.

How We Do It

Consolidated Ordering

Maximize your organization’s buying and negotiating power by consolidating your ordering as an organization instead of on a per-outlet basis.

Stock Transfers & Requisitions

Track inventory usage and ordering patterns through the use of stock transfers and requisitions between individual outlets and your central purchasing department.

Consolidated Reporting

Never be left in the dark again. Run reports for individual outlets and specific areas, or for your organization as a whole, and export invoices to popular accounting platforms.

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