OC Pro

Our restaurant inventory management software simplifies inventory processes to save time, lower your food cost, and improve your bottom line.

Starting at $150/month + $250 Setup Fee
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Why You'll Love Us


Running your kitchen has never been so easy, or accurate. Streamlined inventory management processes help you get back to cooking and creating.


Targeted reporting provides you with easy access to data and identifies opportunities to improve and enhance your operations, all while saving time.

Accounting & Finance

Save time by skipping the process of coding invoices and double entry through an integration of popular POS and accounting systems.

Features You Can't Live Without

Targeted Inventories

Count everything you carry, or a select few ingredients. We offer the flexibility to count how you'd like.

Menu Engineering

Know which of your dishes are stars, which need work, and which need to go with our intuitive menu engineering.

Streamlined Ordering

Use par levels, forecasting, and reminders to minimize the time you spend on ordering your inventory.

How It Works

1. Cost Out Recipes
2. Count & Enter Inventory
Customers Waiting in Line
3. Enter Purchases & Process Sales
4. Targeted Reports
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