5 Common Causes of Storage Losses


In the restaurant business, proper food storage is crucial for any business to be successful. And the freshness of the products is solely determined by how well the storage of these are maintained and monitored. But often, a large amount of food never makes it from storage onto the plates. These storage losses cost businesses big money and can be completely preventable. If you think you are experiencing storage loss, read on as we outline the five common causes of storage loss that will affect your profit margin.


Leaving Out Items

As soon as products are received, they should be placed in the proper storage areas. By leaving products out even for a short while, you run the risk of having spoiled food by bacteria, that cuts deep into your profits.



Theft is often difficult to control if you don’t have the right security measures in place. Storage rooms can be an easy access area for employees, looking to remove items for their own use or for resale. Having an inventory management system in place that can track your inventory and profit losses can help you identify anything that seems off and could be a result of theft.



One thing that’s unavoidable from time to time is breakage. It doesn’t take much for a glass jar to slip out of someone’s hand or to be accidentally knocked off the shelf.



Another way to lose money is through spills that occur in the storage room. Poor handling of products when staff are working too quickly can result in some of your goods being spilled on the ground. They may not realize it, but it can be a large revenue loss to the business.


Shelf Life

If the storage area is permitting air, moisture, and light, then the food will have a limited shelf life. You can improve shelf life by placing foods into the right types of storage areas (dry, cold, or freezer storage) and using lids that seal the containers.

It’s not uncommon for restaurants to lose profits when their products land in the trash, get stolen, or spoils before it even makes its way into storage. If you want to gain control over your storage and inventory, Optimum Solutions can help to manage your inventory, and assign multiple storage locations for more accurate stock counting. Contact us today – we can help reduce your product loss and save your restaurant money.

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