5 Restaurant Trends for 2018

The restaurant industry continues to outdo itself year after year. Just when you think you’ve seen it all in dining, something new and exciting pops up that starts a foodie craze. Trends that have been on the rise in 2017 are really starting to take off and will make even bigger debuts in 2018. So if your restaurant is looking to make a new splash this year or to maximize profits, be sure to add at least one of these 5 restaurants trends to your 2018 menu.

Farm To Fork

Many chefs are now starting to see the benefit of using local, sustainable ingredients. Not only is the food fresher, but having a system which produces, distributes and consumes local food can enhance the economic, social, and nutritional health of the same community in which the restaurant is situated. If anyone understands the need to maintain the nutritional quality of food, improve the safety of our food supply, and decrease the environmental impact of mass food production, it’s the restaurant industry. Expect this trend to continue well into the future.

Root To Leaf

With food costs on the rise, many restaurants are finding ways to lower the cost of food by reducing waste. Following a “root to leaf” approach, chefs are now utilizing every bit of the vegetable on their menu. By utilizing this approach, many restaurants are introducing new and unique dishes to their menu, and this is getting a lot of attention from foodies. Definitely a trend we see expanding into 2018.

All Day Breakfast

Brunch, which has become increasingly popular over the past decade, has begun to pave the way for the ‘All Day Breakfast’ movement, more than ever before. People want to eat breakfast all day long, not just in the morning or mid-afternoon. Popping up are twenty-four-hour diners and trendy spots that serve a variety of breakfast dishes, both greasy and healthy, all day long. Typical brunch menu items like eggs benedict and breakfast sandwiches are also being further expanded to include more hearty items like breakfast poutine and breakfast burgers. Even vegetarians are being delighted with all day options like tofu scrambles and healthy granola concoctions.

Vegan Dishes

One of the biggest rising restaurant trends of 2018 is vegan dishes. In 2017 meatless dishes started spreading like wildfire, and not just in vegan restaurants, but all across trendy spots. Driven by the promotion of healthy foods and lifestyles over the past few years, exciting and unique vegan options are starting to appeal to even the biggest of meat eaters.

Kitchen On Display

People love to see how their dish is prepared – to see the quality of the food and to watch how the chef creates a masterpiece. For this reason, it makes sense why open kitchen displays have become increasingly popular, appeasing the curious diner who wants a glimpse into the restaurant magic.

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