Why You Need Inventory Management Software

As a restaurant owner, you have a huge list of items to manage on a daily basis. Managing your inventory while also overseeing day-to-day operations can be a handful, to say the least! There are several costly errors that could be occurring in your business processes which undermine your productivity and could end up costing your business thousands of dollars in wasted inventory. Below are some of the most common problems experienced by inventory managers in the restaurant industry that could be solved with restaurant inventory management software.

Wasted Ingredients

Wasted food items are a common sign of an inventory management problem in your restaurant. Without implementing an organized control program, it is hard to prevent. By identifying and tracking trends in your most popular items and your rate of ingredient use, you will be able to prevent food waste, which can be a huge detriment to your bottom line. Your restaurant inventory management system will also help you take into consideration any menu and recipe adjustments that occur in your restaurant, which can have a substantial affect on food waste.

Running Out of Ingredients

Running out of the key ingredients in your restaurant’s signature dish during the busy dinner rush is any restaurant owner or restaurant manager’s worst nightmare! Implementing an inventory management software will allow you to keep track of your inventory to avoid these shortages and keep your customers coming back for more. Be sure to set reminders for when key ingredients are due for replenishment to stay ahead of the game.

Excessive Time Spent Ordering Stock Items

Every minute counts in the restaurant business. It is a busy, fast-paced environment and a restaurant manager never has time to waste. Streamlining your ordering process with a restaurant management software allows you to create custom templates for your commonly ordered items, easily order from multiple suppliers at once instead of placing multiple orders, and more. This saves you time and prevents errors in orders.

Buying Ingredients at Premium Costs

Planning inventory in advance is the key to preventing overpaying for ingredients – which, in the end, cuts into your profitability. A restaurant management software will allow you to request bids from multiple suppliers at once, so that you can get the best prices possible.

Implementing an inventory management system will help you manage your inventory and recipe costs in a more effective way, helping you to achieve healthy profit margins in your restaurant business. Breeze through your order management, inventory, and price comparisons with Optimum Control’s full hospitality inventory management solution!

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