5 Signs You Need Inventory Management Software

Looking for a way to save money on wasted inventory for your fine dining establishment? Inventory management software can help. Designed to help solve all of your inventory challenges and keep your costs under control, inventory management software is proven to reduce food waste and any unexpected shortages. The software provides an efficient way for you to conduct orders and report on your costs, while saving you money.

If you feel that your restaurant’s bottom line is suffering, check out these five signs that will highlight if your fine dining establishment needs inventory management software.

Excessive Food Waste

Without inventory management software, it can be a challenge to prevent so many ingredients from being wasted. And if your restaurant is throwing out a significant amount of food at the end of each day, it will undermine your profits in a big way. You need a reliable way to track the trends of your items and rate of ingredients being used to prevent food waste. If you’ve been experiencing significant waste at the end of each business day, this is an important sign that your fine dining establishment needs inventory management software to reduce that waste and your overall costs.

Unwarranted Costs

Having an expensive supplier can impact your bottom line. The cost of your food highly determines your profit margins. What you need is a software that can request multiple bids from numerous suppliers so you can get the best price for your ingredients every time.

Copious Orders

As a manager, you have more important things to do with your time instead of spending endless hours placing orders. Having to place numerous orders in a busy restaurant is a big time waster. Streamlining your ordering system with inventory management software is the best way to save time and money.

Alarming Shortages

It’s important to keep track of your inventory so you don’t end up with a shortage during the dinner rush. Disappointed customers lead to negative reviews, and this can damage your reputation and profits. Instead, you need a tracking system that can ensure your ingredients are always replenished ahead of time so you never have to worry about shortages again.

Lack of Cost Analysis

Knowing the difference between what your actual usage is of inventory items versus a theoretical usage, is crucial. Not being able to properly measure and pull reports on your food amounts can negatively impact your fine dining establishment. What you need is a quality reporting tool that can provide you with a usage summary among other cost analysis functions to make everything crystal clear.

Don’t wait for your inventory costs to negatively impact your service and bottom line. Your fine dining establishment needs inventory management software to streamline and simplify the backbone of your business. Talk to us today at Optimum Control about our inventory management software so you can start to enjoy a healthy profit margin in your fine dining establishment.

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