Bar Inventory Software: Take Control of Your Costs

Food and beverage inventory control is not just for restaurants and large chain operations: bars, lounges and nightclubs also need inventory solutions for effective cost and profit management.

Bar inventory software is your all-in-one digital tool for powerful ordering, tracking and reporting systems, helping you streamline and maintain your establishment’s liquor and bar inventory.

Optimum Control is the leading provider of bar inventory software, offering a suite of applications and services for bar, lounge and nightclub business owners. Read on to learn about the benefits of incorporating our inventory software into your day-to-day operations.

Your bar inventory system – are you in control?

Keeping track of your liquor inventory behind the bar is a key place where a professional digital inventory solution has an impact on your bottom line.

Knowing exactly what was served versus what should have been poured is just one of the ways Optimum Control will optimize your alcohol and bar inventory.

Our software will help you record, track and manage your entire beer, liquor, wine and food inventory. For example, you can customize your count sheets to match your liquor inventory room or add BIN numbers as the locations to make inventory counting a snap.

Your bar managers can easily and quickly count stock in multiple bottle or case sizes, and bar code scanning is even available to reduce count times and free up more time for other key management tasks.

In a nutshell, investing in the right bar inventory software is the best step you can take towards maintaining strict control over your alcohol and bar inventory to maximize profits with ease and accuracy.

Food and beverage costing – optimize your bar prices

One of the hardest things to master when you own a bar is setting drink and menu prices. Finding the sweet spot where you can make profits while still keeping customers happy takes experience and the right bar inventory software.

Optimum Control food and beverage inventory management software costs out all your drink and menu recipes, detailing the pricing so you can make proactive decisions to optimize profitability. Our full reporting systems will give you detailed actual vs. ideal details for every recipe, and you can import your bar sales from most common POS systems.

So whether you are costing out beer kegs, beer cases, wine by the glass or bottle, or the ingredient prices for cocktails, our bar inventory software will ensure your prices are always pre-set and optimized to protect your profits.

Purchasing and ordering – streamline how you stock your bar

Bar inventory software replaces your old liquor paper inventory spreadsheets so you can order quickly, accurately and efficiently, when and where you need it.

Optimum Control bar and restaurant inventory management software can use your current sales trends and par levels to ensure you will have product available while avoiding over-stocking your store room with inventory that doesn’t move and hurts your business. You can even forecast your orders based on your bar inventory par levels, food and alcohol usage-per-day or sales volume.

Create accurate and easy orders with printable sheets or digitally from your mobile device. Add multiple pack sizes and suppliers on the fly and deal with substitutions to your bar inventory quickly and efficiently. All your purchases are easily entered by name or order code, which means any price changes are automatically updated throughout the system, and request credits can be made with the click of a button.

Plus, all your liquor and food purchases can be exported to any popular accounting systems you may also be using. Stocking your bar effectively has never been easier.

Reporting – track, analyze and share your bar inventory and sales information easily and securely

We offer more than 70 reports for your bar, lounge or nightclub business, including price variance reports, beer, liquor and wine costs versus sales, and even problem recipes. If you want to see what’s impacting your bottom line, our software can help.

With bar inventory management software installed and operational, you can get automated notifications, email-based scheduling, calculations, and product sale exports all in once place. You’ll know your exact usage on every beer, wine and liquor in your inventory, be able to look for problem areas and items to recount quickly and easily, and save hours of time every inventory cycle.

All your analytic tools are also included, allowing for the precise tracking and displaying of usages, food and liquor purchases, labour costs, and much more. Comprehensive automated reporting will analyze the profitability of any menu item or alcohol inventory, and provide dozens of detailed reports including the comparison of actual and theoretical usage.

Optimum Control bar and restaurant inventory management software is also designed to be user-friendly: our software incorporates a streamlined, simplistic layout that presents relevant information without cluttering or overwhelming users. Plus, all your data is securely archived and organized, minimizing time spent and protecting privacy.

Optimum Control – the best bar restaurant software

We know bar inventory. Optimum Control is software designed specifically for easy, effective food and beverage inventory management. Our bar and restaurant inventory management software solutions are used extensively by hundreds of food and beverage providers in North America and in more than 45 different countries around the world.

Our expert team of design, sales and support staff are dedicated to connecting you with the best solution to meet all your bar, lounge or nightclub business needs. Take control of your bar inventory today with Optimum Control!

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