Get Ready for Wedding Season: Benefits of a Catering Management Solution

With warm, sunny days fast approaching, so is everyone’s favourite time of the year to tie the knot. That’s right— wedding season is just around the corner. While this season is full of fun and joy, it is also full of heaps of cluttered paperwork and busy organization for your catering business. With piles of invoices, order forms, proposals to draft and to-do lists piling high, keeping things organized can be a stressful, time-consuming task during this busiest time of the catering season. With catering management software, this hectic and demanding time of the year can be approached with better efficiency, providing satisfaction on both ends of your business.


No matter your best efforts, keeping things organized and sorted appropriately is a goal that sometimes seems unattainable. Frustration and tension can quickly build when things begin to get scattered as paperwork collects for each event; handling customers with menu modifications, price changes, order invoices, and billing information. By opting for an easy-to-use software program, keeping track of customers, changes, clients’ past history, invoices, and menus is effortless and instant, saving you time. Using the software in a network environment allows for all members of your catering business to easily access information so that communication between employees is hassle-free, ensuring everyone stays on the same page.

Save Time

With the use of a catering interface, you will have quick access to order taking, calendar reminders, kitchen production management, stock requirements, proposal templates, reporting, accounting, and other tools required to sustain a prosperous catering business. Through the software, you can input all the required information for a client and it will generate a proposal, saving you hours of writing.

You can also input desired cost percentages for each event and it will tell you instantly how much to charge per dish in order to acquire maximum profit potential which saves you from spending countless hours crunching the numbers to make it work or undercharging. These include other easy-to-use templates for running your operation smoothly, which allows you to save time that could be otherwise spent marketing and promoting your company.

Customer Satisfaction

With better communication, quick access, fast ordering, and ease of modification, your catering business can run as efficiently and professionally as possible. Professionalism keeps customers happy which allows for the potential for returning clients and referrals helping your business grow.

Nothing is more important than keeping your sanity during this busy time of the year. Say “I do” and start your new catering future with the Optimum Control Catering Wizard software today!

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