Food Cost Reductions for Caterers

Many people don’t pause to consider the benefits of utilizing a catering service. Operations can be more easily controlled and observed, and it’s a great way of spreading your name to draw in more guests. Catering services also are great at minimizing food waste, if approached properly. Here are a few examples.

Deliver Rather Than Display

This won’t apply for every business, but sometimes space and product is wasted on displayed food samples. By using catering services, dishes can be put to better use being placed on catering tables, edible by all. For example, a baked goods caterer will save on food waste by having visually striking menus printed of their available delicacies, as opposed to filling display shelves. They’ll be able to utilize product used for display purposes in orders instead. This could also lead to a smaller location being required to operate their business.

Rescue Recipes

When catering, you can easily make use of most food scraps if you literally use your noodle. Rescue recipes are essentially creations that make use of leftover product, resulting in a new and equally delectable dish. They’re fantastic to incorporate into catering, as they cost next-to-nothing to make. In a pinch, rescue recipes can save you from having to prepare brand new, top-dollar dishes and send them out. Try to present them in a manner that is equal to that of your regular dishes and offer them at a competitive price to entice clients. 

Stock Improvisation

Also consider improvisation in the form of utilizing held stock rather than ordering more in, which will save on food waste and expense. If there are days when a menu can be created from leftover items rather than newly shipped goods, take advantage of them. If done correctly, you could save a considerable chunk on inventory costs to boot. Just be sure to not use expired product and put your reputation at risk.

Reach Out to Your Community

Scan the newspapers or online events calendar for your area, and don’t be afraid of giving event-holders a call. For example, is a local church, school, or business holding a function and in need of meals? Contact them and offer a competitive rate, then organize a menu together utilizing rescue recipes (accommodating for special requests, of course). Eco-living-oriented clients might jump at the idea of using such dishes, and help spread word of your business as a result. Depending on the function and location, you could utilize more basic dishes that cut back on waste even further. It’s a great way of spreading your name around and sharing your business’ endeavours on social media, drawing in more traffic.

Invest in Catering Software

Catering software can help you manage inventory, order taking, marketing, reporting, accounting, and more, all from the convenience of your web browser.

Reducing waste and maximizing popularity in the public eye to raise profits are a huge part of running a successful eatery. By utilizing catering services, you can easily incorporate cost and waste-saving techniques that also spread your name. If these practices work well for you, consider applying them to your main establishment.

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