Is Your Golf Course Restaurant Wasting Money?

Operating a restaurant along the frontlines of exciting sporting action can appear to be a dream come true, but without careful planning it can go terribly wrong. Most restaurants throw money away without knowing it, and operating an establishment on a golf course isn’t immune to financial instability. Here are some ways you can avert your restaurant’s wastage of money.

Minimize Food and Drink Waste

The number one reason most restaurants suffer financially is food wastage. Over-ordering, excessive prepping resulting in expiration, filling the bar with drinks that don’t sell, and overcompensating for subpar food quality with a massive menu that is expensive to adhere to are all reasons why food waste in general plays a major role in regards to a golf course restaurant’s financial woes. Despite the varied crowd of new guests flocking to your establishment to catch a few rounds, Perform a thorough inspection of your cold storage units and bar drink storage, compare with your sales along the way. This is the ideal time to conduct a complete inventory inspection. Identify what isn’t selling or is being prepared in excess of what is needed, and adjust product and prep quantities accordingly. Acting quickly is key to minimize damage and recover.

Improvise When Necessary

In the event of money potentially being binned, improvise and consult with your staff to come up with unique recipes that incorporate excess food waste that would otherwise go in the trash. Rescue recipes such as soups made from stock comprising of leftovers are a highly effective of damage control when implemented with quality control standards put in place. Even if you don’t have food waste per se, it could be convenient to plan a menu comprising of such waste-reductive recipes. Not only will returning customers have new dishes to experience, but also consider that the minimization of food wastage is highly respected in the culinary community. Combined with careful promotion on social media and a bit of creativity, improvised dishes can generate more interest in your restaurant.

Production Tracking and Theft Reduction

Every restaurant, including those on golf courses full of distracting sights and sounds pertaining sport itself, has employees that dip into the profits through taking food, drinks, and not entering the accurate production information. By implementing inventory management software (such as OC Pro) and standardizing production sheet entries for everything consumed, prepared, and thrown out, you’ll gain a better understanding of precisely where your product is going. Irregularities happen, and it’s best to not instantly blame an employee of stealing — many times, they assume it is acceptable to do so (mistakes about to be binned, etc.). However, if there is a clear pilferage issue going on, then it is your duty to accept and address the problem by dealing with the employee(s) in question appropriately. Sporting-focused establishments such as golf course restaurants are prime targets for alcohol theft due to the exciting nature of sporting events in general, so be sure to keep the liquor safely locked away and counted on a regular basis.

Golf course restaurants are presented with financial threats that are similar to those of other establishments, albeit in a sometimes more excitable and distraction-filled atmosphere. By implementing these workarounds and anticipating fluctuation or irregularities, it will be relatively easier to minimize money wastage.

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