Make Your Casino Lounge and Restaurant a Success

A casino is the perfect place for a lounge or restaurant. You are already drawing in a strong customer base of people looking to treat themselves to a fun afternoon or evening out. You have the audience and all that’s left to do is engage and captivate them.

Operating a successful and popular restaurant and lounge in your casino can also have a drastic impact on your frequenter rates and returning customer rates for the casino and prove to be a profitable revenue stream.

Make your casino lounge, bar or restaurant a success with these tips:

Develop a Strong Theme

Establishing a clear theme for your restaurant and lounge will help draw in the crowd you are targeting. Is your target audience drawn to a casual setting, a modern, chic setting, or perhaps a mixture of the two? Establishing a clear theme will help guide your cocktail menu, wine and spirit selections and drink specials – perhaps even establishing a popular signature drink! The theme will also help you establish your menu style, promotions and entertainment.

Promotions and Specials

Running promotions and weekly specials can be an effective way to attractive a consistent flow of patrons. You can take advantage of promotions and specials both on popular days as well as use them as a way to draw in a crowd on less popular days. Promotions and specials could include date night specials, ladies’ night specials, daily drink specials, daily feature meal specials, Sunday brunch specials, weekend buffet specials, and more.

Consider Entertainment and Programming

Hosting live music and performances is a way to draw in a new and returning crowd. This offers something special for your customers to enjoy, along with your menu, of course, and can keep your regulars coming back for more on certain nights of each week or monthly, etc. Consider a live jazz night, a karaoke night, perhaps even a stand up comedy night – something for everyone!

Effectively Manage Inventory

Effectively managing your restaurant and bar inventory can have a huge impact on your bottom-line, and could make all the difference in your long-term success. Consider implementing a digital inventory management system to streamline your whole ordering process; reduce wasted ingredients and materials, more effective recipe costing, and boost the operations efficiency of your management team. With less time spent on inventory management and ordering, your resources will be freed up to continue making your lounge or restaurant the best it can be!

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