Simplify Purchasing and Ordering with Restaurant Management Software

To efficiently manage and maintain your restaurant’s inventory from a digital perspective, restaurant management software such as Optimum Control’s range of streamlined programs and services is ideal. Acting as a clutter-free window into the inner mechanics and workings of your establishment’s various systems, it is ideal for business owners keen on simplifying purchasing and ordering practices. Here are the benefits of incorporating such software.


With restaurant management software installed and operational, you’ll be able to easily set up automated notifications, email-based scheduling, calculations, and product sale exports. Analytic tools are also included, allowing for the precise tracking and displaying of usages, purchases, labor costs, and much more. Comprehensive automated reporting will analyze the profitability of specific or all items, and provide dozens of detailed reports including the comparison of actual and theoretical usage.

Accessibility and Efficiency

It has never been easier to quickly and easily locate specific vital information. Designed to incorporate a streamlined, simplistic layout that presents relevant information without cluttering or overwhelming users, restaurant management systems and their subsequent software add-ons allow for owners and managers to distance themselves from the days of digging through filing cabinets, binders, and seemingly endless physical paperwork. Here, all data is carefully archived and organized to minimize time spent searching. Additionally, various products and services offer database synchronization across all POS devices, which will allow for digital production sheets to be consistently and accurately updated regardless of where new data is entered.

Enhanced Communication and Functionality

A single system can easily communicate digitally with suppliers, shipping companies, technical support services, and even employees when necessary. Email notifications, reminders, purchasing orders, and updates to relevant parties through integrated communication applications as part of some restaurant management software.

Direct, streamlined and efficient methods of online communication are crucial when entering purchasing and ordering information, and doing so through a digital infrastructure will allow for you to revisit specific orders and documentation with only a few mouse clicks. For example, you’ll be able to identify price increases as you order, as well as add additional pack sizes all from a single window. Orders can be converted to invoices in mere seconds, and in turn, this will enable faster responses to appropriate parties to meet deadlines (such as entering an order before a 10 AM cut-off window).

Powerful and intuitive restaurant management software such as Optimum Control’s suite of applications and services are the ideal way to streamline purchasing and ordering through increased efficiency, accessibility, and simplicity. Gone are the days of endless paperwork, replaced with streamlined and intuitive web-based connectivity.

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