Understanding PAR Levels in Restaurant Inventory Management

In the restaurant business, “PAR level” is an industry term for effective inventory management. Specifically, Periodic Automatic Replacement or PAR is a system for figuring out the minimum level of inventory you need on hand for a given period of time.

Ideally, a PAR level system will tell you the minimum quantity of any given inventory item that must always be in stock in your restaurant or bar to maintain sales. When a food or beverage item falls below your PAR level, you then know to place an order and replenish your stock. With the right PAR level system, you’ll achieve a healthy inventory turnover that ultimately reduces your costs and boosts your profits.

Optimum Control – restaurant management software and inventory apps

Proper restaurant inventory management software makes calculating and using PAR levels a breeze. With the click of a button, you can identify the optimal stock levels for each of your menu items, track the number of days it takes to sell items and get automatic notifications when it’s the best time to order more. Taking control of your inventory and profits has never been so easy.

Optimum Control is easy-to-use restaurant software and inventory apps designed specifically for the hospitality industry. Restaurants, bars, lounges and casinos can all use Optimum Control to set and use optimized PAR level systems for effective inventory control.

Improve order accuracy, control expenses

With Optimum Control, you can implement a PAR level system to improve the accuracy of your ordering and gain control over your expenses.

Without accurate ordering, you can run out of certain food items, which can force you to order last minute or rushed – orders that will most likely cost you extra from your supplier. With automated and precise ordering using restaurant management software, you will always have consistent expenses with no cost fluctuations.

And precise ordering helps you avoid accumulating excessive amounts of spoiled food, week after week. Proper inventory tracking and management using PAR levels helps you order the right amounts every time, so you can reduce food waste and save your profits.

The PAR level advantage: planning and inventory strategy

When you order properly and maintain accurate inventory records, you get a clear view of when you need to order new items. It can also allow you to identify trends to help you make better-informed predictions. The better you can strategize and plan, the higher the success rate of your business will be. Optimum Control restaurant inventory management software can help you do all this, and more, for effective inventory control.

Better inventory planning and more precise and consistent ordering also leads to a better and more efficient relationship with your suppliers. And the less deliveries you need to order, the less you will get charged, so you can use your PAR level system to order items strategically, take advantage of bulk orders, and streamline delivery costs when possible.

Streamlined inventory planning also frees up your time – and your employees’ time. With precise ordering and the right restaurant software, your staff can spend less time on inventory and on more strategic aspects of your business like reviewing reports, sales analysis and customer service.

Inventory software: automated, integrated, easy

With restaurant management software installed and operational, you’ll be able to easily set up your PAR level system and more. Automated notifications, email-based scheduling, calculations, and product sale exports are built into every Optimum Control software package.

Analytic tools are also included, allowing for the precise tracking and displaying of usages, purchases, labour costs, food costing and much more. Comprehensive automated reporting will analyze the profitability of specific or all menu items, and provide dozens of detailed reports including the comparison of actual and theoretical usage.

And with database synchronization across all POS devices, Optimum Control allows for your inventory information to be consistently and accurately updated regardless of where new data is entered.

It has never been easier to quickly and easily streamline your inventory management. Say goodbye to endless paper files, binders and spreadsheets, and say hello to a digital software system that is organized and easy-to-use on your desktop or mobile device.

Gain inventory control today with Optimum Control

When looking to save costs, improve efficiency and communication in your restaurant, and gain full control of your food and beverage inventory, look no further than Optimum Control. We offer restaurant inventory management software that will help solve all your inventory woes and get your bottom line back on track.

Our powerful and intuitive restaurant software and apps give you the ability to record, send, and access the information you need to run a successful business from wherever you are. The streamlined processes and web-based connectivity of our software successfully integrates digital inventory management into your daily workflow.

Connect with our expert team of sales and support staff to find your best software solution for all your restaurant inventory management needs. Take control of your inventory today with Optimum Control!


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